How Old Is Your Electrical Panel?

We provide electrical panel upgrades for our customers in Whitehouse Station & Bridgewater Township, NJ and throughout New Jersey

Your home requires a lot of electricity to power up your everyday items. When you aren't getting the power you need, turn to Plesh Electric LLC for electrical panel upgrade service.

Removing an old electrical panel is risky, and only professionals should do the work. We can inspect your current system and swap it out for a new panel, bringing you the electricity you need.

Many buildings in Whitehouse Station, NJ and throughout surrounding areas have old Federal Pacific panels, which could cause a fire. Our expert technicians can remove these safely and install a new panel in as little as one day.

Don't run your electronic devices unless you have enough power. Get an electrical panel upgrade ASAP by contacting us now.

Reasons to upgrade your electrical panel

There are many advantages to getting an electrical panel upgrade at your property in Whitehouse Station, NJ and the surrounding areas. Just a few perks include:

  • Safety - Remove an old panel before it causes a fire.
  • Power - Get the electricity to use all your modern devices.
  • Efficiency - Save money on your energy bills.

You don't have to live with low levels of electricity and constant power issues. Reach out to Plesh Electric to upgrade your panel to fit your daily needs.